Ernest Bell, Esq.

Ernest Bell is a former high school English teacher who is not only familiar with many legal issues that intersect with providing instruction to students – discipline, special education under Section 504 and the IDEA, free speech and assembly, parents rights, etc. – he experienced them. As he found during his time in the classroom, educators are often expected to be legal scholars (and law enforcement officers, doctors, engineers, etc.). The law places responsibility on educators to do so much more than teach the three Rs, and he has addressed these issues both in his capacity as a teacher and an attorney. Mr. Bell has litigated special education issues at the administrative and federal district court levels, attended innumerable IEP meetings, and worked with educators to ensure students receive a FAPE. In addition, he has worked with administrators on employment and charter matters. Mr. Bell has presented at both school districts and conferences on a gamut of topics, including special education, discipline, the First Amendment (free speech), the Fourth Amendment (searches and seizures), parents rights, interdistrict transfers, and others. He is special counsel to Dannis Woliver Kelley.