Wendy Dumlao, Esq.

After graduating from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and passing the bar in 2007, Wendy Dumlao began her legal career at Disability Rights California. While working at Disability Rights Ca, she worked as the Clients’ Rights Advocate for San Diego and Imperial County. In this position she helped San Diego Regional Center clients with issues related to special education and higher education, regional center services and other public benefits, like Adoption Assistance, Social Security, IHSS and Medi-Cal. As the Clients’ Rights Advocate she provided her clients with direct representation at hearings and provided numerous trainings to the community related to these benefits. In 2011, she started doing work as a consultant to other attorneys and advocates related to Regional Center issues. Then in 2012, she started her own practice focusing on issues related to regional center, special education, IHSS, Medi-Cal, Social Security and other agencies that provide public benefits to people with disabilities. She also started working part time as a Staff Attorney at USD Legal Clinics. In this position at USD Legal Clinics, she helps students work on regional center, special education and limited conservatorship cases, focusing mainly on teaching legal interns about the regional center system.